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Our Story

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Evangeline Dusenberry


Troy Dusenberry

Director of Hugs

Christina Dusenberry


Keith Dusenberry


Our Story: Meet the Team

Our Story

Behind the Scenes

In May of 2019 our daughter Evangeline was admitted to Levine Childrens Hospital with a severe and unidentified virus that caused double pneumonia, and acute kidney failure among many dangerous side effects.

Thankfully, with the help of a gifted medical team, countless prayers, and her own tenacity, Eva is on the road to recovery. We sometimes received visitors, volunteers with toiletries and toys/crafts to make her stay as comfortable as possible. Being stuck in bed during the majority of her stay, it was hard to stay positive through constant testing, and to keep a 3 year old and her visiting 5 year old brother occupied.

It was hard to see at the time, though we were and are lucky. During our stay we saw countless children who had been there months prior and would not be going home anytime soon, if ever. We were going home, even with a long road to recovery ahead. We are so grateful, and wondering, how can we share our blessings with other children? Some whose days at the hospital are without family or friends by their side.

The idea that other kids were still in the hospital, for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions sat with Evangeline. These kids have been top of our minds as well. Through this, Evangeline's Stocking Drive was born. Our first year (2019) we were able to provide over 700 stockings to Charlotte and New York City children and their families who found themselves in the hospital during the holidays.

Our purpose is a promise we made to Evangeline and her brother to help them help others. Kids helping kids. Communities supporting one another.  A Kindred Promise. 

Thanks for visiting us and reading about our story! 

Sincerely, Christina & Keith Dusenberry (Evangeline’s parents)

Our Story: About Us
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